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Rockcliffe University Consortium Conference
The Future Present
November 9-10, 2018
Fort Mason Center
San Francisco, California

The Annual Rockcliffe University Consortium Conference (RUCC) takes traditional conferencing methods and converts them into experiential ones. Attendees can expect a dynamic mixture of sessions, excursions, and critical discussion, all around the topic of innovative technology and its application to education, and how the two can impact our students’ preparedness for the digital world and a continually disrupted job market.

RUCC participants attending the conference will:

  • Differentiate between new technologies in education and how they will impact their own students’ future learning and career training, regardless of age;
  • Discriminate between the different types of digital literacy skills necessary for students at all ages to become critical and creative thinkers that nurture future innovation; and
  • Transform how knowledge is transferred to students so that they embrace rather than fear innovation, and which challenges both the instructor and the learner.

The Future Present

What is the Future? The future is a reflection of the issues, social values, politics, technology, and educational practices that we employ right here, right now. The future is made today through a presence of mind that enables innovation. The future is not something that suddenly appears. The future is a choice. It takes time, persistence, and authenticity of experiential approaches to solve today’s modern problems.

The Future Present is about how critical this dynamic has become in our digital world. No more so than in education is this dynamic exposed at its most basic level. Educators must have one eye on the present, and one on the future, to determine how their teaching practices affects the future of their students. The reward of creating engaging experiences that prepare students for an unknown future in an uncertain digital age drives educators towards being the best at what they do. It also challenges them to move out of their comfort zones, and to change their paradigm of “good teaching”.

We cannot fully predict what students will encounter when they enter the job market, whether they are a year away from it or fifteen. Educators who teach or develop curriculum accept this challenge. Educators understand that, in The Future Present, our students need the ability to think digitally, to process information in evaluative and creative ways, and to learn skills to build other skills to meet this growing demand.

The Future Present is about enabling a culture of innovation, about developing the sense of adventure, and girding ourselves to do the things we fear.
The Future Present is a paradigm that asks educators to consider new tools, new ways of learning, and new ways of re-inventing old traditions for modern ones.
The Future Present is about changing the fundamental idea of how teachers influence perspectives in ways that simulate, enable, build confidence, and establishes a pattern of success for those who are building that future today.

Today is the door that unlocks the Future Present. Walk through it with us in San Francisco in November 2018. Register today!

Important Dates to Remember

January 9, 2018 Call for proposals opens
April 13, 2018 Call for proposals closes
January 9, 2018 Registration opens
April 22, 2018 Early CFP Submitters notified
April 27, 2018 Extended CFP Closes
May 6, 2018 Extended CFP Submitters Notified
May 27, 2018 Program published
June 17, 2018 Early Bird pricing ends
September 30, 2018 Late Registration closes – Register Now!
November 8, 2018 Conference Opens to Rockcliffe Members Only
November 9-10, 2018 Conference Opens to All Attendees

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