Infographic Submission

If you are interested in submitting an infographic to RUCC 2018, please make sure you’ve reviewed the Infographics Guidelines prior to filling out the form below. Please fill out the entire form, and make note of character limitations for some fields. You will also need to accept the speaker release form at the end, prior to submission.

All accepted infographics will require that all presenters and co-presenters register for the conference prior to being added to the program.

Infographic Submission Deadline: August 15, 2018.

RUCC 2018 Infographic Proposal

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You can review the infographic categories in the guidelines to select the appropriate one.
Please review the descriptions of each of the tracks before you select one.

Please fill in 2 or 3 key terms that relate to your conference proposal.

Maximum file size: 65MB

Please upload your infographic file here. Note that files must be an image (.png, .jpg/.jpeg, or .gif), using a 1×4 aspect ratio (400×1600, 500×2000, 600×2400) which is legible on a mobile device or tablet.

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