RUCC 2018 Keynote

Date: November 10, 2018
Time: 4:00 pm PST
Location: TBA (Fort Mason Center)

Dr. Chris Haskell

Closing Keynote


Dr. Chris Haskell plays video games for a living, or at least that’s what his friends think. He’s the director of the Varsity eSports At Boise State. As a professor and researcher, Chris also focuses on the impact of video games, virtual worlds, social media, and digital culture. Dr. H teaches his classes in Minecraft and World of Warcraft. He created a course about Facebook, Youtube, and Memes. He even has retro 80s arcade games in his office,… for research of course. When it comes to work, Dr. Haskell is serious about play. It’s no wonder his friends think he needs a real job.

To Boldly Go:
Education, Technology, and Captain Kirk

Few would argue that our dreams of a technologically driven world were, at least, manifest in the popular culture, media, and books of the last 5 decades. But, a detailed look back shows far more connections between science fiction and science fact than previously considered, especially as it relates to education. In fact, education has been one of the primary beneficiaries of our collective creativity. If a half century of text, film, television, and games and research can be our guide, we can make accurate prediction about the future of education. In this presentation, Dr. Haskell (perhaps dressed as a Starfleet officer) will identify trends in information access, technology tools, interfaces, artificial intelligence, describing their proliferation in an upbeat, TED-style and Star Trek themed presentation. He will share research into how these tools and trends have changed education and those major changes on the horizon. Attendees will “Boldly go where no [audience] has gone before.”

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