Professional Development

Earn Professional Development and Participation Merit at RUCC 2018

Those who attend and present at the Future Present conference will develop a rich and varied professional development portfolio, earning both professional development hours and learning microcredentials. Your professional development opportunities are listed below:


One hour of professional development will be awarded for each session attended on the program. Certificates will be emailed to conference participants within a week after the conference ends. You must wear your conference badge at all times in order to receive professional development hours. Live attendees may earn up to 12 hours of PD, and virtual attendees may earn up to 6 hours of PD.

Participation Merit

Micro-credentials are earned based on participation as part of learning. These are not just issued for attendance, but for demonstrating competency in a skill aligned to the conference goals.

Badges will be issued to attendees for participation and competency in the following roles:

Learning Innovator

Earned by presenters for sharing an innovative idea, research, or concept that demonstrates creativity and insight into the current and future needs of the learner.

This badge may be earned by presenters only.

Community Builder

Earned by conference participants to exhibit the spirit of collaboration and exchanging of ideas through social media channels, and other collaborative opportunities during the conference.

This badge may be earned by both on-site and virtual attendees.

Intrepid Explorer

Earned for completing the hunt and augmented reality games as part of the experiential portions of the conference; shows an adventurous spirit and a willingness to use experience as a learning catalyst.

This badge may only be earned by on-site attendees.

Digital Engager

Earned for actively participating in backchannel discussions during the virtual infographic networking session; these exclude social media, since a separate badge can be earned for this.

This badge may be earned by both on-site and virtual attendees.

Experiential Seeker

Earned for completing the experiential activity associated with the excursion to the CA Academy of Sciences.

This badge may only be earned by on-site attendees.