We are very pleased to announce the opening keynote at the Rockcliffe Annual Conference in San Francisco will be Dr. Pamela Redmond, creator of the Innovation Labs and Chair of Graduate Studies in the School of Education at Touro University California.

Dr. Redmond is past co-chair of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Innovation Committee, former chair of the Teacher Educator SIG of Computer Using Educators and helped write the first National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers along with several iterations of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing technology standards.

Evolutions in technology and science are reshaping the global economy, however the educational ecosystem is not keeping pace. As the marketplace invents new jobs, schools must look beyond content in determining what is essential to teach since new tools are continually expanding access to information, communication and cultural influences. In her opening keynote address Dr. Redmond will advocate for a cultural shift in the classroom to cultivate curiosity, knowledge economies, and collaboration. “Tinkering” becomes an essential part of a broadened definition of success where failure leads to new thinking and new models for education.

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DEADLINE: 04/27/2018

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